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My Services

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Chiropractic Care

We provide more than just manipulation for spine health. Chiropractic care involves evaluating the body as a whole, knees and shoulders included, to develop a care plan that is specific to your needs. Some treatments may include soft tissue/myofascial mobilization, corrective exercises, kinesiotaping, and more. 

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury sucks. Re-injuries are even more frustrating. We provide a thorough evaluation and plan to get you back and more resilient. Treatment plans may involve a mix of in-person care as well as rehab programs that is monitored weekly. 

Strength Training

Get strong and perform better. We provide an evaluation and dive deep into your fitness goals. 



New Patient Chiropractic Treatment & Injury Rehabilitation

In-person, 1-hour visit. Evaluation & treatment.

$105 / $170

Follow up Chiropractic Treatment & Injury Rehabilitation

30 or 60 minutes, in-person follow-up treatment. May include chiropractic manipulative treatments, soft tissue mobilization, rehab exercises, etc.


Remote Strength Training & Injury Rehabiliaton

Monthly coaching and/or rehab program with weekly check-ins all from your phone. 

$110 /session

In-Person Training

In-person coaching and personal training. Minimum 6 session commitment. 

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